Corporate Events


As an experienced personal stylist with over 18 years in the fashion industry, I have been a guest speaker and delivered keynote talks to various corporations and private groups.

Among my clients include Failte Ireland, The Savoy Hotel Group, Alchemy 5, Alliance Care, Deutsche Bank London, and Network Ireland.

Through research, training, and life experiences,  I  share my wealth of knowledge on personal and business style and self image and also will give you the tools you need to dress with confidence. A lot of what I have learned is through working with many clients.

I have a passion for colour, the power of colour and the positive effects of wearing colour.  I will share the psychology of colour, the power of colour, colour combinations, and inspiration on how to bring colour into your world- both personal and professional.

Among the many talking points, I can specialize in for corporate events include- ( each talk can be tailored to your audience)

  • Your image and why it matters- Looking good feeling good- (A key area I am passionate about is Self Image)- Image and self-esteem are intrinsically linked. Self Esteem is integral to personal development. High self esteem can improve happiness, boost confidence and improve your overall success in life.  When you look good you feel good and thus boost your self-esteem. Personal presentation has a huge impact on self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Dress for Success- the power of your personal presentation
  • Personal Brand and First Impressions
  • Stuck in a Style Rut- Steps to Rediscover your Style
  • Turn your Style into Confidence
  • The basics needed for building a core professional wardrobe.
  • How to shop wisely and smarter
  • How to organise and shop your wardrobe
  • Mindful dressing
  • Outfit inspiration
  • Colour Psychology
  • Discover your inner Colour Goddess
  • Trends 2024

I am available for small groups style events or for corporate ‘In-House’ Style events. I give talks on image and style to corporate events, social organisations, fund raising events, clubs, conferences, ladies and gents groups, team building events or simply like-minded friends who want to learn together in a fun way. Talks are tailored to your needs and to suit any audience. Choose an engaging, interactive evening based around confidence building and personal styling.

First Impressions Last