Style and Image Consultancy

Fiona Doyle Expert Stylist and Image Consultant

Confidence is our greatest personal resource. Clothing is confidence! Style and confidence are inextricably linked. What we wear has a direct effect on our mood. We express our personality through our clothes. Looking great is empowering!

I will help you to grow confidence in your style by helping you find the correct style of clothes and colour that flatter you body shape, compliment your style personality, the colour of your eyes, hair and skin

My personal image consultancy service includes

  • A personal one to one style consultation
  • Personal shopping
  • Colour analysis
  • Fashion updating/styling
  • Wardrobe Editing
  • Bridal Styling
  • Corporate Styling
  • Special Occasion/Event Styling

Together we will discover the correct clothes which compliment your body shape, your style personality, your colouring and your lifestyle.

I offer an exclusive, unique and discreet service.

Style Consultation

We begin with discovering your Style Personality- the foundation to everything! Every woman has the ability to be stylish!

We will then discover your Body Shape-understanding the shape of your silhouette, your scale, your proportions. Learn how to dress to accentuate all of your fabulous areas and disguise any area you may feel you don’t like. I will show you how to work your clothes to create the best shape for you. For example what neckline works for you or what length skirt you should wear. Learn to select styles and textures that flatter your body shape, proportion, and height while reflecting your personality. Style is not limited to a certain shape or size.

Personal Shopping Service

Let me inject some energy into your shopping experience with an exclusive luxury shopping experience to help you update your existing wardrobe with new looks that flatter your body shape and style personality. I will help choose key pieces you can integrate into your wardrobe whether you want a whole new wardrobe or a few key pieces or something for a special occasion. This service is exclusive, discreet and unique to you. I work with high end brands in some of Ireland’s leading department stores. Personal shopping suites are available. Lunch and chauffeur services can also be arranged.

Colour Analysis Service

Colour analysis is all about determining what colours work well with your skin, eyes and hair tone.  You will discover a range of colours that make you look healthier, colours you may have never considered. You will be shown how to combine these colours in various ways. You will also discover the colours that don’t work for you. We can all wear every colour but its discovering the correct shade of the colour that works for you and how to wear it!The consultation covers colours for clothing and jewellery and make-up . You will receive a colour wallet with all your best colours to help you when choosing clothes.

I will give you advice on hair and make up to ensure that style complements you.

Full Image Consultation

Combine the colour analysis and style consultation into one

Maybe you are returning to work after maternity leave, going for a job interview, going for a job promotion, attending an event ( maybe a VIP event) or in general too busy to shop.

Everyone deserves to look and feel their best . This means wearing clothes that suit you and make you feel comfortable. I will inspire you to make the most of yourself and will take you out of your comfort zone so that you can present the best version of yourself.

I have worked with celebrities including TV personalities and presenters.

Special Occasion/Event Styling

Have you a Special Event or Occasion coming up- a wedding, communion, confirmation or a special birthday. With my exclusive Style Empowerment Hour- let me guide you with styles and colours that will compliment  your body shape, style personality and colouring. This mini consultation can take place over the phone. I will advise on dress styles, tops, necklines, sleeve lengths and trousers that will align with your body shape. I can advise on colours that will work for your colouring also ( based on photographs you send and measurements). The cost of this mini consultation is 195euro.

Become the best version of yourself