Too gloomy outside to tan? That shouldn’t stop you from getting that sun-kissed face you need this summer and this summer its all about the bronze. I decided to do the hard work for you and pick out my top bronzers!

Whether you’re fair-skinned or a bronzed beauty, a little bit of colour in your summer makeup routine can go a long way. If you’re like me and need a boost of bronzer year-round, or just want to play up your sun-kissed cheeks, achieve an easy summer glow by brushing on one of my favourite bronzers.

There are multiple ways to achieve a natural faux glow without basking in the sunlight and damaging your skin in the process.
Rather than swiping the shade all over your face, use bronzer to highlight sun kissed cheeks or subtly contour areas of your face, like along the sides of your nose and jawline or on your forehead, where sun would naturally hit. Then do a little bit along the neck. A lot of women forget to do the neck, so it’s really bronzy on the face and white on the neck. A little dusting of powder along the center of your neck and under your chin will also help with an all-over glow.

Here is a quick guide to some of the best bronzers of the season to help you maximize your glow so you look extra fresh, healthy and flawless.


sunshimmerRimmel- Bronzing Powder

This product never seems to fail and is perfect if you are on a budget. Get a warm glow all over. This light, natural looking bronzing powder gives you the perfect sunless tan you want… any time of the year.


sunbeamBenefit Cosmetics Sun Beam bronzer

Calling all Benefit fanatics: This falls hand-in-hand with their sought-after Highbeam and Moonbeam highlighters. The Sun Beam product comes in a cylinder-shaped bottle, resembling that of a nail polish tube. When you remove the cap, dot the bronzer over makeup onto the brow and cheekbone areas, and blend. Since the bronzer is in liquid form, it produces a natural glow to suit all skin tones. In other words: one shade suits all.


BareMinerals Ready Bronzerbare-minerals

Call it cosmetic irony — not only will this bronzer give you a faux glow, but it contains anti-aging benefits. It’s safe to say a sun-kissed glow is best achieved when removed from sunlight. This bareMineral’s product has been naturally formulated, and is rich in antioxidants and carrot oil. The bronzer revitalizes the skin and can last for about eight hours. It comes in three sun lovin’ shades to adapt to all skin tones.



 Mac Bronzing Powder

For a sheer glow with just a hint of shimmer, you may want to try out the bronzing powder made by MAC. It’s great both as a contouring agent and for an all-over tan look. This product is available in four different shades and it’s also specially formulated to condition your skin on application.



bakedUrban Decay

We’re all for the joys of baking – just never in the sun – which is why Urban Decay created Baked Bronzer. Explore the tantalizing range of shades and finishes if your objective is alluring sun-kissed skin that looks totally natural! This super fine powder is baked on a terra cotta disc for 24 hours and then hand-finished by a factory full of motherly Italian women!!


Isa Dora Big Bronzing Powder

A very popular bronzer with my friends. This is available in several shades so you are sure to find one to suit your skin tone.




No matter which bronze you choose this year, make sure to wear plenty of sun block and cover your face. Use your favorite product to give you the beach-ready look you want and avoid too much sun exposure to keep your skin looking younger longer.